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    Middle name for Cohen?

    With a last name of Berkheimer, I'm not sure what middle name would fit with Cohen. I need something that flows well, and something strong and beautiful. Any ideas?

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    I really wouldn't recommend putting Cohen and Berkheimer together. Cohen is a sacred Jewish title and Berkheimer is almost comically German. I would definitely raise an eyebrow.

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    Ooh.. You have a difficult last name. I dont know something like :
    Cohen August Berkheimer
    Cohen Atticus Berkheimer
    Cohen Percival Berkheimer
    Cohen Jackson Berkheimer
    Cohen Elias Berkheimer
    Cohen Alistair Berkheimer
    Cohen Odin Berkheimer
    Cohen Theodore Berkheimer
    Cohen George Berkheimer
    Cohen Edward Berkheimer
    Cohen Nicholas Berkheimer
    Cohen Damon Berkheimer
    Cohen Antony Berkheimer

    I don't know if that helps at all, sorry.
    Good luck!

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    Adding on to what southern maple said I have heard using the name Cohen may not be a good idea because it is part of the Jewish community. You may be stepping on some toes with the name. And I remember a while back another berry trying to use the name Cohen and it raised a lot of eyebrows and brought about religious opinions/conflicts. May want to re-consider your name choice.
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    We are also considering Cohen and like Nehemiah for a middle name. As for the naysayers, we like that the name Cohen means "priest" in Hebrew because in our Christian faith we are called priests with Christ. Nehemiah was a strong spiritual leader in the Old Testament so we like that the names complement each other. For a non-spiritual route, I think Cohen Clarke sounds nice too.

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