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    I know it is a sacred jewish name. I do not live in a highly populated jewish community, therefore I'm not too concerned with it. I fell in love with the name, and I am sticking with it. People can question it, but a name is really just a name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poppy528 View Post
    This name is grossly offensive, futuremrsburkheimer & suzannazanna. Please please wise up, do a little reading before you use this name. Honestly I consider it more offensive than the name Adolph (yes, I'm Jewish if you were wondering). I would literally LMAO at the parents of a kid called Cohen. There's only been a 100 posts on why this is so rude, irritating, and contemptuous. Dueces.
    I'm sorry to hear it is offensive. I'm not Jewish and find no reason for it to be offensive, nor do I really care because I do not live in a highly populated jewish community. Thanks for your opinion though.

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    As a fellow Christian, I can relate to your desire to honor a Jewish connection from the scriptures and a Jewish perspective on connection with God. As a person that is friends with several Jews, I have to tell you the name Cohen is incredibly offensive to them when used on non-Jews, as it is a very sacred title. If I can respectfully ask you this, please, please do NOT use the name Cohen! I understand all the reasons why you like it. I like it for those reasons too. Yet, it wouldn't be right to use it. Think about the way you or I would feel if a person named their child Messiah or Christ. It would be very offensive.

    Please let me recommend for you to use Nehemiah, as it is a wonderful name with a great Biblical namesake. Have you considered the name Aaron? Aaron was the first high priest of the Israelites, so you would be getting the same priestly connection that you wanted. Also, consider Levi. Levi was the name of the tribe of Israelite priests. Eli was a well-known Old Testament priest, although he was not a very good one, as he tolerated the immorality of his two priestly sons and was thus punished by God. Zechariah (nn Zec) was John the Baptist's father and a well-respected priest.
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    Well, wow. Ok. Why use a name that has such meaning if you don't care about the people it comes from? I don't get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcdowema View Post
    Well, wow. Ok. Why use a name that has such meaning if you don't care about the people it comes from? I don't get it.
    Me either. You don't live in an area with a large population of Jews- neither do I. But I still would NEVER even consider using it, because my son could move to New York or Miami or whatever, and offend a great deal of people.
    I can't stop you, but I ask you to reconsider.

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