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    Consider Aaron instead of Cohen. While it is important to like the name, would you like to see these kinds of reactions to your child in person - looks of confusion and shaking heads? It is important to consider the burden you place on your child. Will he like having a name that indirectly, by way of cultural appropriation and a disregard for the feelings of the tribe you wish to honor, insults the Jewish people?

    It isn't even a name we give our children. Please reconsider.

    Jewish Naysayer

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    Have either of you read this article?

    His issue he had to deal with was gender discrimination because people assumed he was a girl due to his name. In the future, your children may have to deal with discrimination from people who are either Jewish and find your child's name offensive, or from anti-Semitic people who assume your child is Jewish and won't hire him. Think about things carefully.

    BTW, I am Jewish.


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    LOL, wow, are we doing this again? Am I the only one who thinks "futuremrsberkheimer" is a troll?
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    As I've seen the name Cohen as a surname about a million times, I think it's entered common culture enough to be seen by the vast majority of people as a name. Sorry if I don't have much sympathy for anyone who wants to cry about cultural appropriation, but seriously, it happens to every culture, and cultural appropriation is only problematic when something's being misused in an offensive way. You're using it as a name for your child, someone you love and respect, and it is a name. You're not wearing a warbonnet for a Halloween costume or making a joke out of a sacred cultural symbol. A name is an honor, not a degradation. (Sidenote: as if there aren't German Jews... As if Yiddish isn't a language that is literally a mixture of German and Hebrew... There's nothing inherently wrong with naming a child Cohen Berkheimer.)

    I think Cohen Alexander Berkheimer would sound nice. Strong. I think it flows well. Best of luck!

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    Even ignoring the religious controversy, I think the first and last name combination is extremely contrasting and off-putting: stereotypycal german + jewish. To me it's like "Thorbjorn Zanetti" or "Mohammed Takagawa".

    I suggest a more neutral first name like Cody, Coby, Owen, Rowan, Ronan.
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