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    Levi is associated with priests via the Levites, while still having a usage as a given name. Cohen was not a Biblical name, it was a title. It's like calling your kid Bishop or Pope rather than a *name* with a religious meaning. There's a lot of Biblical names with explicit faith references in the name that are, you know, names.

    For something that sounds like Cohen rhythm-wise, I'd prefer Callum (which means dove and could possibly tie into an overall meaning of peace/faith).

    As a Jew, I do find Cohen as a given name (and no, it's not "only Jews can use it" - Jews don't use it either and I don't care if you use Abraham/Avraham or Moses/Moshe or any other religious Jewish name, it's just Cohen isn't a name...) offensive and cultural appropriation but I know somebody is going to show up and be like "if you love it, use it" and I can't very well stop you, I just think it is really tacky.

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    Yeh not a Cohen fan but if you like it so much then use it. ..
    Cohen Clarke is nice.
    Cohen jasper
    Cohen Walter
    What about Clarke as a first name? Clarke William. Clarke Jasper. Clarke Augustus

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    Oh, the Cohen topic. You should search the name to get the thousands of pages of debate on this name. As someone that is not Jewish, I totally don't get it. I am a devout Christian and would not be offended at someone naming their child Jesus, Deacon, etc. But, the fact remains that some people appear to be offended by it. Where I live, it would be a non issue because there is little if any Jewish population. But there are debates about that as well. It isn't my favorite name, but I think it sounds nice. I like Cohen Clarke.

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    I'd chose a saint's name to balance out the Hebrew first and German last.
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    This name is grossly offensive, futuremrsburkheimer & suzannazanna. Please please wise up, do a little reading before you use this name. Honestly I consider it more offensive than the name Adolph (yes, I'm Jewish if you were wondering). I would literally LMAO at the parents of a kid called Cohen. There's only been a 100 posts on why this is so rude, irritating, and contemptuous. Dueces.

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