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    Smile Honest opinions on my list please

    Please can you have a look at my girls list and honestly tell me what you think. I will explain each name. It has truly taken me ages to compile this list and find middle names that really mean something to me
    Thanks so much,
    Ellie xx

    Willa Angeline (on-jel-een) (say it with a French accent!)- I utterly adore Willa, it is just so perfect IMO. Angeline has a French connection which is important to me as my Gran was a French teacher and my family has a lot of links to France. Angeline is also a character in the book I'm writing.

    Rosa Genevieve- I love Rosa, it's IMO a more femenine form of Rose, it is also linked to Rose Quartz, which is my special stone (yeah sounds weird I know!). Genevieve is very very pretty and also has the French and book character connection for me.

    Genevieve Adora- Genevieve same as above. Adora is so pretty and femenine and I love names related to love.

    India Amethyst- I love India, especially as it reminds me of a little girl that I used to read to, who I loved, who was called India. Amethyst is for my mum, who's special stone is Amethyst (I've been taught that everyone has a special gemstone)

    Ashlyn Marina- I love Ashlyn because I love both Ash and lyn and together they are perfect. You might want me to spell it Aisling, but in the UK at least it would always get pronounced ash-ling. Marina is for my dad who is a keen sailor and lover of the sea.

    Alana Claire- I love the way Alana looks and sounds, but I hate the nn Lana and Lani. Claire is related to the one thing I really like about my name, Eleanor, which is that I have the same name as my ancestor, Eleanor of Aquitaine. Eleanor means bright, clear and Claire has a similar meaning. Also Claire is literary for me from the Time Travellers Wife, although that's spelt Clare.

    Sybil Hannah- I love Sybil and Sybil was my favourite character from Downton Abbey (so sad!) but I loved it before I ever watched it. It's just so pretty. Hannah (this is going to sound weird!) is the name I call all of the characters I make up in my head (yep that sounded weird!) it's a name that's really close to my heart. When I was little I wanted 3 daughters called Holly, Hannah and Crystal.

    Bianca Love- Bianca is very pretty and I like the nn B. Love, well, I love. I'd like to use it as a first, but I know that would be ridiculous. I love names that have meanings to do with love e.g Adora, Valentina and especially Love.

    Amber Felicity- Some people think that Amber is dated, but I really don't, I think it's pretty and underused. Felicity is gorgeous and airy and also is similar to the character in my book, Felicia.

    Honor Eponine- Honor is my favourite virtue name, I think it's gorgeous and will age well and despite its spelling, it seems very English for some reason! I'm a HUGE Les Mis fan, so Eponine is for that, because edge is my favourite character and there is a literary, musical and French connection.

    Fallon Paige- I've loved Fallon ever since I heard it on the Archers (a British radio soap) and I think it's so pretty and actually quite femenine. Paige is for my love of both reading and writing as in pages of a book.
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    πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—Girls: Willa, Rosa, Genevieve, India, Ashlyn, Alana, Marina, Bianca, Amber, Honor, FallonπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

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    think you've picked some beautiful alternative names....I think willa, rosa, and alana are the nicest.....willa rosa, or willa alana sound lovely together. if you wanted advice on the name pairing you have decided I would go with the first one tho, willa angeline, it sounds very feminine and unique.


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    Genevieve Adora- pretty, I like this one very much

    Rosa Genevieve- this is pretty, I like this combo a lot even though the flow isn't perfect. Genevieve is one of my favourites as well.

    Alana Claire- I like Claire a lot. Alana is okay, but not really my style. What about Claire Marina or Claire Bianca?

    Bianca Love- I really like Bianca. Love is very literal, but not terrible. Bianca Felicity would be pretty.

    Willa Angeline- I like Willa, not sure I like it with Angeline. Willa Genevieve?

    Amber Felicity- I don't mind Amber, but it's a little heavy with 2 word names. Amber Claire?

    Sybil Hannah- the flow of this doesn't really work. I don't mind either name though. Sybil Marina? Genevieve Hannah? Sybil Angeline?

    Ashlyn Marina- I like Marina a lot, I really don't like Ashlyn. At all.

    Honor Eponine- I don't mind Honor, but I don't feel like it works in this combination. It feels like you're saying "I want to honor Eponine". What about Honora or Honoria? Or something like Clara Honor or Genevieve Honor.

    Fallon Paige- really not fond of Fallon. At all. sorry. Paige is a nice middle though.

    India Amethyst - way too much. This would be a great name for an Agatha Christie novel. Not a good name for a person.
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    Rosa Genevieve and Fallon Paige are my favorites from your list. Absolutely beautiful!
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