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    I agree that Noah is the only one I like from your list.

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    I guess I am in the minority when I say that Sonny is my favourite. It feels very cool, vintage and unique. I have never thought of Sonny as feminine.
    My second favourite would probably be Noah just because it's a great name. It's extremely popular where I live though, which would bother me a bit, but if it doesn't bother you thats great!
    Good luck!

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    Noah--strong, classic
    Donavon--ok...Irish (a plus), but you're stuck w/nn Don or Donnie
    Jefferson--my favorite Pres. (before Obama)!

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    I quite like all your choices. Tough decision!

    Noah -- A very sweet name. Very soft. I enjoy the simplicity. I like that it's not overused. It's just a really great, solid choice.
    Donovan -- A bit of an athletic name to me, for some reason. Kind of a bro vibe. I like it though! It's a bit more unique without being weird.
    Sonny -- I love this name. I have serious reservations about using it, but I love it. Make of that what you will.
    Jefferson -- A bit of an odd choice, but by no means offensive. I suppose not really odd, but my associations are so strong. Thomas Jefferson! Jefferson Airplane! Hard not to jump to something else.

    Best of luck! You have some great choices there!!

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    Noah is such a nice name, it get's my vote!

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