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    Wishing for Greece, stuck in the US
    Your Orpheus combo is magical. To me, Orpheus is like Tinuviel to you. It’s magical and fleeting and nothing clear. It’s bittersweet music, strummed slowly at dawn. It’s the gentle, quiet singing, birds chirping, shadow and pink sunlight and early morning dew on the trees. Mountains in the back like you said. As a matter of fact, I’ll send you Orpheus’ music too.
    As with Tinuviel, I’m going to end up adding a lot of my own stuff here because I don’t feel a lot of what you have in Orpheus. They’re going to have a lot of Lorien as it just screams Orpheus to me.

    Orpheus Tristan Adair
    Orpheus Lorien Phrixos (“the ripple of water in wind”)
    Orpheus Dorian Ivo (Dorian is a scale on the guitar and it’s also so lovely and soft)
    Orpheus Isidore Coda
    Orpheus Ronen Valemon
    Orpheus Valemon Brio
    Orpheus Brage Hawthorne
    Orpheus Lorien Sage
    Orpheus Silvan Rainier
    Orpheus Rowan Gawain

    I know it’s not many, but it’s after midnight here and I’m super tired! Persephone’s been sleeping through the night the last few days but for some reason I feel the need to stay up and watch her. Sigh. I’ll come back and make more later. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I love Casimir. On a side note, I think you should write a baby name Imagery book. I think all the berries would buy it .
    Raquel-23 year old who loves names, books, and languages

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    It's time for Otter boys! Hey all the 5 would make great brother set...perfect for five sons
    Casimir! He is all sexy and dashing, such a heartthrob for me. Casimir Hector Winterson excites me to the 10th degree...You know how a feel about anything winter-related. Would Casimir Darius Robin and Casimir Lorien Zephyr suit so well?
    Endymion is very winter-ish for me, like Ice King or Ded Moroz(Russian Santa) Endymion Lucius Rainier is all perfection and though I like Endymion Aries Robin too, nothing can beat your combo. Thumbs up!
    I love how you imagine Oberon, that's pretty much that I do too. Oberon Loxias Peter or Oberon Ivo Pelleas are lively and sparkling to me.
    Orpheus is so romantic and manly but it's such a sad story...Let's spice it up and make Orpheus fun! What can be more spicy that Orpheus Basil Calidore or Orpheus Basil Isidore? Orpheus Wayland Valemon is handsome too. Also, did you hear the Soviet rock opera "Orpheus and Eurydice"? I don't know if it's able to listen to on Internet or in English language but that's pretty cool and much how I see Orpheus.
    I can't imagine how I feel about Romulus...He is so wild and unpredictable, kinda fruit cake but in a good way. I love bad boys. Romulus Idris Thor and Romulus Earnedil Herne are badass enough, aren't they?
    To sum up, that's cool and fun as usual. I adore Vasiliy from you middle name list, it makes me feel of my hometown but I don't feel him right with your first name choices.
    Gonna be one great named babe!
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    Casimir Antony Herne.

    I tried to read past that one, but nothing could follow it. The imagery for Casimir was my favorite, too, but it was already my favorite of your current top 5 from previous list.

    I love Antony rather than Anthony. I love using Herne, even though I was in the anti "Hernia!" camp at first. I really, really like it as a middle, and seems so fitting with Casimir.

    Okay, if I have to look past Casimir...I don't want to..but next Endymion or Oberon. and Rainier as the second of the 2 mns...but that's all I got.

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    Thanks lovelies!!! You are all wonderful and helpful!

    Amy; I know, right? Four's the limit! It's as if NB doesn't want us to show emotions....

    Emma; I love Romulus Peter Ranulph! That's an epic name if I ever saw one! Glad you like my Cas & Mio ones, they are handsome, aren't they?

    Zelia; yay, you like Orpheus Brage Lorien! I love Brage. And I kind of want a Scandi name in it this time. Your combos are great, Oberon Earendil Gawain jumped right out at me! Splendid!

    Angel; I listen to the song and it is so great! Love it! Your combos are all great, I'm having such a hard time picking out my favourites, cause really I just want to copy them all! So this is me being ruthless. Casimir Damon Calidore, Casimir Antony Ranulph, Endymion Bragi Winterson (swoon!), Endymion Lucius Winterson (reswoon!), Oberon Ivo Earendil, Oberon Hylas Gawain, Orpheus Brage Hawthorn and Orpheus Silvan Rainier are my favourites that I could use. But they're all so beautiful! As are all your words. We see eye to eye on many a thing, which is good! By the way, Persephone's sleeping through the night??? You lucky girl, Aphrodite's up all the time. But I get the sitting and watching her. we co-sleep, but I'm still awake looking at her all the time.

    rgp; haha, yeah, I'll do that! !

    Victoria; I'm glad you like the Hector Winterson one, it's kind of all I love in one name. Casimir Darius Lorien, Oberon Loxias Peter, Orpheus Basil Calidore and Romulus Earendil Herne are all great! I actually have heard that rock opera! I've got a weird thing for Eastern European stuff... (by the way, did you see the ballet-rock-musical Ma-Ma/Rock'n'roll wolf when you were little? I watched it again a few days ago...) Thanks so much, I hope he/she will be well named!!

    Lois; thanks, I love the Casimir one too! Antony seems cleaner to me, and it's the name of one of my favourite musicians. So that's why I spell it without the h!
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