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    I agree with previous posters who have said Casimir Antony Herne is perfect! Love
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    Casimir - Ancient forest at twilight, traveling roads. Men in velvet fur lined capes riding through on beautiful chestnut horses. Mystical and misty, hawks and falcons. The scent of coffee, whiskey, roses and leather. Casimir is nobility and royalty. I think of the Stark boys...

    Casimir Antony Herne – this is rather ideal actually! I think it captures all of the imagery you were going for, so I'm not sure why I'm still creating combos, except that it's fun Casimir and Antony seem to pair perfectly together…

    Casimir Antony Wayland, Casimir Antony Damon or Casimir Damon Antony, Casimir Iorek Antony
    Casimir Basil Gawain
    Casimir Damon Iorek
    Casimir Lucius Orion

    Endymion - Moonlight and starry skies by an ice covered lake. All blue and silver, hoarfrost on the naked trees, the snow beautifully twinkling in the starshine. Endymion's wrapped in woolen throws, reading by lantern light. I hear Justin Vernon singing...

    Endymion Lucius Rainier – there is no more perfect combo, my dear. This IS Endymion.

    Oberon - A woodland clearing, fairy’s dance. Oberon is dancing and flowers, things that glitter and sparkle. The sweet scent of flowers, the music of flutes and bells. Oberon is the original man, he needs to be celebrated with garlands, joy and a lust for life.

    Oberon Sigurd Gawain – not a fan…for such a quicksilver creature, Sigurd seems a bit coarse and Gawain rather earthish. Love the previous suggestion of pairing Oberon with Zephyr!!

    Oberon Zephyr Lorien (swooooooon), Oberon Zephyr Rainier, Oberon Isidore Zephyr, Oberon Zephyr Lucius, Oberon Zephyr Loxias, Oberon Earendil Zephyr
    Oberon Faramir Wayland
    Oberon Aries Ranulph

    Orpheus - Young forest, the kind with the grassy grounds, mountain scenery in the background. The bittersweet romantic, beautiful and young making the loveliest music. There's something ethereal about Orpheus... "Once and for all Orpheus is where there is singing. He comes and goes."

    Orpheus Brage Lorien – Brage confuses me…I think of bras and bragging. Lorien, however, is the quintessential ethereal middle!

    Orpheus Lorien Zephyr, Orpheus Earendil Lorien (so liquid and flowing!), Orpheus Lorien Faramir (utterly enchanting)…
    Orpheus Earendil Wayland

    Romulus - Like Casimir, if he'd gone a little crazy and started living in the forest on his own, hunting for food with his bare hands or a rough wooden spear. Romulus is sexy, rugged, yet quiet and intelligent. Tobacco chewing whiskey drinking warrior with a wolf for a pet.

    Romulus Odin Valemon – rawr! Quite rugged and primal. Radically different from the lilting smoothness of Roo's name. I agree that the stronger, more masculine sounds back up the wolfish presence of Romulus. Dragan in particular is a smashingly good fit.

    Romulus Wayland Dragan (love this…it has a loping syllabic lilt that reminds me of the loup-garou), Romulus Aries Dragan, Romulus Iorek Dragan...
    Romulus Balder Gawain
    Romulus Valemon Boreas
    Romulus Odin Rainier or Romulus Damon Rainier

    My top five, in order:
    Endymion Lucius Rainier – nothing else really compares
    Romulus Wayland Dragan
    Oberon Zephyr Lorien
    Casimir Antony Herne
    Orpheus Earendil Lorien OR Orpheus Lorien Faramir – I couldn't decide between them
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    Thank you all so much! I'm just saying it here, then I won't have to repeat it all the time ...

    Gwen; Casimir Lorien Idris is lovely, but surname ends in -s, should've mentioned that! Endymion Ivo Isidore is swoonish, and you're right about Sigurd and Gawain. I just love Sigurd so much!

    Bellerose; yay, I love my Casimir too. I quite like Orpheus Winterson Peter, but I'd switch it to Orpheus Peter Winterson. And you've been to bewitching names! Benisabel and Evander was on my list, but we took em off. Melchior, why I didn't save that for a middle makes me question my own judgement. I'd love to use Severus as a middle, but I'm afraid husband isn't willing to be such an open Harry Potter fan .

    Maple; I'm glad you like it! I agree, I like those three with Casimir as well... they give me that strong romantic feeling.

    FeyFey; ooooh Casimir Hector Dragan! Oberon Rainier Lanval! Orpheus Robin Sigurd! I'm in love...

    Bonnie; haha, yeah, Casimir is great. It's very special, I feel. I do love Oberon Isidore Herne, very cool. And Romulus Valemon Thor! Delicious...

    Brigid; stunners, yay! Endymion Rainier Dragan is lovely, and as is Casimir Peter Faramond!

    Averella; I'm in love with Peter too. Such a fabulous name! Casimir Zephyr Wayland is beautiful, as is Orpheus Robin Brage. Brage was the Norse God of poetry, I love that with musical Orpheus.

    Amy; I totally forgot to go back and check the thread where you lovelies suggested combos for me! Will you forgive me if I tell you our house buying fell through, and the last few day's been hell? I do love Casimir Antony Rainier, it's kind of everything I love in one. Ancient royals, Roman stuff, Richard Burton, Shakespeare, Hegarty, Rilke and Grandfather. And initials CARE. I could call him CareBear! Oberon Gawain Vasiliy is beautiful, Orpheus Herne Earendil is fantastic. Romulus Antony Odin - very very very cool. I like this one. Vladimir! You see, I said I needed suggestions... I keep forgetting things... thanks, love!

    Sessha; Oh, thank you darling! I'm pretty happy with my top five. I look forward to suggestions...

    Tuitree; Thank you for that! I do like those as well

    Sorceress; I love Casimir Thor Winterson! Very nice!

    Northern Lights; yay, glad you like em!

    Olympia; Combos are welcome, I love seeing peoples ideas! I like... Casimir Earendil Winterson and Endymion Rainier Herne very much!

    Sarah; Thanks! I'm pretty happy with it!

    Sessha; Obviously I love all your combos. You are a genius. I need to just mention my favourite loves: Casimir Antony Wayland, Casimir Damon Antony, Casimri Damon Iorek, Oberon Zephyr Lorien (winner), Opehus Earendil Lorien, Orpheus Lorien Faramir, Romulus Wayland Dragan and Romulus Iorek Dragan. I love Brage so much, but now of course all I can see is bra. Thanks for that one! teehee.... And thanks for taking your time with these ones.
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    Yay, I was in bewitching site!! It's actually a very good one and when I read them I thought they suit you .

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    LOL I did not know there was a smiley limit... Too funny.

    Ok, I was just making sure he was still a choice because I loved Vladimir so much before. Basically any of the combos where I used Vasiliy also work with Vlad, I literally cannot choose between the two of them for the most part. =]
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