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    Colin or Collin?

    This is our #1 name at the moment for DS (due in October), but I can't decide how I'd want to spell it. I didn't even question the traditional "Colin" until a few people mentioned that this spelling is pronounced "Cole-in?"

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    I prefer the "Colin" spelling but I've always pronounced it "call-in". If you are worried about the pronunciation then you could spell it Collin.
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    The only person who pronounces Colin as "cole-in" is Colin Powell and I think he confused everyone. To me, Colin is the classic spelling and the only spelling I would use for a first name. Collin/Collins is a surname spelling.
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    I think that most people, whether Colin or Collin, pronounce it "CALL-in." I know I do, at least. Perhaps some people just think Colin is always pronounced "COLE-in" because of Colin Powell? To me that pronunciation immediately makes me think of colon. As in the body part. So I'd agree that if you're worried about mispronunciation to go with Collin. It really doesn't make a big difference in the appearance of the name either way.

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    Honestly, they are both perfectly fine. I am a leaning a bit towards the spelling Collin, though. Best of luck.

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