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    Brother Names with Different Styles

    I'm usually really concerned about sibsets that flow nicely. But lately I have really liked Joseph, River, and Silas together. Joseph is classic, River is a nature word name, and Silas is a semi-classic with a nature meaning. I especially like Joseph (nickname Zeph) and River (occassional nickname Rio) together.

    What do you think about Joseph and River? Do they sound odd as brothers?
    What do you think about Joseph, River, and Silas? Would you use an eclectic group of names like this? Would you even consider this an "eclectic group"?

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    I actually think that Joseph and Silas sound okay together, and River is the odd one out. I kind of see River as a unisex name, whereas Joseph and Silas are definitely solid boy names.

    An R name that I think would be perfect with Joseph and Silas is Reuben

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    Quote Originally Posted by leahmarie512 View Post
    I kind of see River as a unisex name, whereas Joseph and Silas are definitely solid boy names.
    Thanks for the opinion, I hadn't thought of it like that. If River were given exclusively to boys, would the set match? Or what if River was the sister to Joseph and Silas?

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    I think the names sound great together. They're rhythmically in sync, Biblical (if you count references to the river Jordan), and I wouldn't part with any of them.

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    I personally dislike the name Silas, so that gives me an initial biased against the sibset. Moreover, I don't really think the names fit well together. Joseph is strong classic, and common, while River is very nature-y and softer sounding (to me).
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