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    Brielle Alyssa is my favorite. Delaney , Lila, Elizabeth and Grace are all very good names. The others I do not like as much.
    Name favorites :

    Alana, Scarlett, Alexandria, Annalise, Gianna, Marcella, Kayla, Arabella, Julianna, Anastasia, Jovanna

    Cole, William, Samuel, Caleb, Rylan, Roman, Grayson, Jackson, Joseph, Caden, Christian, Joshua

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    I love Sawyer, obviously.

    Brielle Alyssa - kind of dated, a little boring. Meh.
    Hailey Lynn - Halle is cute, Lynn is a filler middle and also very dated.
    Carys Elizabeth - love Carys, Elizabeth is one of my most hated's just so overused, it's a filler middle, it's too Puritanical sounding, it's just all around boring and totally expected.
    Lila Rae/Ray - I actually like Lila/Lilah a lot, but Ray makes it seem kinda simple and country.
    Sienna Grace - Sienna is alright, Grace: See Elizabeth. It's just so expected it's almost annoying.
    Allison Claire - Allison I actually like, it's a little 80's but it's still pretty. Claire is just alright for me, kinda boring but not bad.
    Delanie Grace - Delanie is kinda cutesy, but it's not bad.
    Caroline Olivia - Caroline is nice, I like Carolina a tad more. Olivia is pretty but very common.
    Peyton Alyssa - I despise the name Peyton. I'm from Tennessee, so I'm pretty sure the Peyton phenomena started in my neck of the woods, with all the Peyton Manning college stuff. It's just overly trendy and obnoxious. On either gender. Alyssa is still just Eh.
    Cassidy Anne - I like the name Cassidy, it reminds me of horses and cowboys. Anne is a filler middle and boring, but it's okay.
    Rosalie Lorraine - Rosalie is cute, I like lots of other Rose- names more, but it's cute. Lorraine is nice, but it does remind me of the quiche.
    Parker Elizabeth - I'm in the minority on here I'm sure, but I love the name Parker. Maybe because of Parker Posey? It's spunky and cool, and I love the sound. Maybe becoming slightly overused/trendy though. Elizabeth =

    So, my fave firsts are: Sawyer, Parker, Carys, Cassidy

    I would totally revamp your middles unless they are meaningful or family names.
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    Sawyer ~ Aven ~ Elowen ~ Sage ~ Eilonwy ~ Eleanor
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    Brielle Alyssa --Lovely, and no, it doesn't sound made-up.
    - Hailey Lynn--pretty, but Hailey Lucia is prettier
    - Carys Elizabeth--Elegant, classic
    - Lila Rae/Ray --yawn
    - Sienna Grace --Beautiful
    - Allison Claire--pretty, but common (even in Chaucer's time Allison was considered "common")
    - Delanie Grace ( NN Della )--Delaney? kind of trendy in 1985, but I don't hate it.
    - Caroline Olivia--classic names, but not a combination I'd choose
    - Peyton Alyssa--my gg grandfather was Peyton
    - Cassidy Anne --Cassidy Jane?
    - Rosalie Lorraine--Rosamund Louisa?
    - Parker Elizabeth ( another of DH's faves. )--Park her where?

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    Brielle Alyssa - 3, I don't like the name Brielle although I really like Gabrielle. Alyssa is okay.
    Hailey Lynn - 5, I like Hailey but I prefer the spelling Hayley, both too common though.
    Carys Elizabeth - 7, Carys is a lovely name and I quite like Elizabeth although its a bit old fashioned.
    Lila Rae/Ray - 7, I much rather prefer Lily to Lila but Rae is a great middle name.
    Sienna Grace - 9, Both beautiful and Sienna is one of my favourites, I like Sierra too.
    Allison Claire - 6, Alison is nice but I don't like the names together.
    Delanie Grace - 5, I don't like the name Delanie although Grace is nice, very common though.
    Caroline Olivia - 6, Caroline sounds too adult if you get where im coming from but Olivia is lovely.
    Peyton Alyssa - 7, Peyton is a lovely name but I don't like it put with Alyssa.
    Cassidy Anne - 3, I don't like the name Cassidy and prefer Anna over Anne.
    Rosalie Lorraine - 8, Rosalie is beautiful and the name Lorraine is nice as a middle name.
    Parker Elizabeth - 4, I like the name Parker on boys, not girls. Elizabeth is old fashioned but nice.

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    Brielle Alyssa : 7/10 Love Brielle ,hate Alyssaaa
    Hailey Lynn :3/10 sorry ,i dont like it at all
    Carys Elizabeth :8/10 beautiful combo ,not so sure of Carys
    Lila Rae :4/10 dont like Lila at all prefer Lilian and Lily
    Sienna Grace :7/10 not my favorite but its okay
    Allison Claire :3/10 totally boring
    Delanie Grace :7/10 prefer Delaney sp .
    Caroline Olivia :8/10 beautiful combo
    Peyton Alyssa :3/10 dont like it at all
    Cassidy Anne :5/10 nms
    Rosalie Lorraine :6/10 love Rosalie hate the combo
    Parker Elizabeth :8/10 adorable combo !

    Keep Sawyer Grace !its so beautiful !

    good luck !

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