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    - BrielleAlyssa - too many L sounds in this one, 3/10
    - HaileyLynn - outdated x2. 0/10
    - CarysElizabeth - much better than Parker Elizabeth. 10/10
    - LilaRae/Ray - no, dislike...2/10
    - SiennaGrace - I don't like Sienna with Grace, but 8/10 as is
    - AllisonClaire - I love both of these, and together. 9/10
    - DelanieGrace ( NN Della ) - I prefer the spelling Delaney, which would be 8/10
    - CarolineOlivia - good, solid name. 10/10
    - PeytonAlyssa - I really, really dislike Peyton. I always think they named their little girl after Peyton Manning. 2/10
    - CassidyAnne - these together sound like Chaldean, so 4/10
    - RosalieLorraine - If Lorraine was a family name, this would not be bad, but Lorraine just for Lorraine's sake is a little 1860's spinster. 7/10
    - ParkerElizabeth - not bad, but I really dislike Parker. It screams "rich Manhattan baby with a nanny" to me. 6/10 (please vote!)

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    - Brielle Alyssa - Prefer Briar, Bryony, and Branwen to Brielle, but I guess Brielle is okay. Alyssa is very dated and I'd spell it Alicia but really much prefer the nice clean lines of Alice or Alexa.
    - Hailey Lynn - I hate Hailey and Lynn is very bland unless a family name. Prefer Halle or Hazel. Or Hannah, but that's probably too popular/girly for your list. I like your other single-syllable choices like Rae and Claire more.
    - Carys Elizabeth - I like both of these a lot and they flow well together. Sounds great.
    - Lila Rae/Ray - Sounds great. I like that it's simple and the flow is good. Would spell it Lila Rae.
    - Sienna Grace - Sienna is pretty but very popular. Grace is very very overused and bland and I don't like it.
    - Allison Claire - I like Claire.
    - Delanie Grace ( NN Della ) - I prefer Delia or Dahlia or Dinah.
    - Caroline Olivia - I love both of these. Caroline is exquisite and Olivia is beautiful and I think keeping the more popular name in the middle is a good idea.
    - Peyton Alyssa - Hate.
    - Cassidy Anne - Nothing wrong with it. Cassia is more my style than Cassidy, but there's nothing really wrong with Cassidy.
    - Rosalie Lorraine - Prefer Rose or Rosemary/Rosemarie/Rosamund to Rosalie, but it's fine. Lorraine is a solid name but I don't like it.
    - Parker Elizabeth ( another of DH's faves. ) - I like Elizabeth. I like Prudence/Penelope/Phoebe more than Parker.

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    I love:


    I think Delanie, Allison and Carys are cute!

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    Brielle Alyssa - Cute, but something about the close proximity of all of the 'L' sounds depletes the flow.
    - Hailey Lynn - Very much dislike this. Hailey does nothing for me, and I can't stand Lynn as a middle. It's so...vanilla.
    - Carys Elizabeth - very pretty! I think this perfectly balances spunky and classic.
    - Lila Rae/Ray - I think Lila is lovely, but Rae/Ray leaves a sour taste in my mouth. It's so 'filler'.
    - Sienna Grace - I like Sienna, and Grace is not the worst of the filler middle names.
    - Allison Claire - I prefer only one L, but I recently began to admire Alison. Claire is one of my favorite middles!
    - Delanie Grace ( NN Della ) - Cute! I like Delanie, although this spelling made me pronounce it like Melanie but with a D. Nickname is great!
    - Caroline Olivia - It's a bit of a mouthful, although I adore Caroline and don't mind Olivia.
    - Peyton Alyssa - Not a fan of Peyton.
    - Cassidy Anne - I like Cassidy, but...FILLER ALERT
    - Rosalie Lorraine - once again the 'L' sounds take away from the flow, but I adore Rosalie and don't mind Lorraine.
    - Parker Elizabeth ( another of DH's faves. ) - recently decided I like Parker for a girl, and it's a cute combo. I approve!

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    I love:


    Sorry, you said to be honest.
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