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    Both Sylvias I know happen to be middle aged and Hispanic (though this is in Texas, with a large hispanic population). I think it's a good name and not popular at all.

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    I've only met one ever and she was a woman in her 60s.

    I think Ramona and Sylvia are such beautiful names for sisters. I hope that you use this one!

    Edited to add ... I hope you don't let the combined popularity of the two spellings deter you. My 3rd daughter has a name that is ranked in the mid-300s overall and I've never met another little girl around her age with her name. I haven't even met that many adults with her name either - and it was much more popular with older generations.
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    Sylvie is one of the top names on my list so I highly approve of Sylvia/Silvia and think it is a beautiful sibset with Ramona.

    If you do the math together Sylvia/Silvia were 754 births in 2012 which works out to 0.0392 which works out to 3.92 (let's call it 4) girls out of 10,000, so 1 in 2500 girls is named Sylvia or Silvia. So I don't think it's too likely you'll meet a bunch of little Sylvias. I say go for it!

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