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    Thanks everyone! I am really in love with Silvia, it is the only one name on our short list that really fits this baby in my head (I don't really know how to explain it). We have a short list with a few others that we love but this is the front runner. None of the others on our short list are in the top 1000 but I am trying not to let the ranking talk me out of it.
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    I think Silvia goes great with Ramona. I have only meet one Silvia who is in her 70s
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    My grandmothers name is Sylvia Lillian. She is in her late 70s. Have not met any others. I think it's a nice choice, as its history makes it well known all over the world without being overused.

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    Silvia & Ramona sound fantastic together! I have only met one Sylvie (not Silvia/Sylvia) in my lifetime. I'm
    am 30 years old! So not popular at all in my opinion.

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    I really like Silvia, although I personally like the spelling Sylvia. I think the name sounds darling with Ramona (which I adore as well!). I have never met a Sylvia, but I do remember learning about someone named Sylvia in one of my high school classes. I liked the name so much that it has stuck with me the past couple of years.
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