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    How popular is it REALLY?? Silvia/Sylvia

    I am falling in love with Sylvia. We are expecting DD 2 in November. I am really having trouble finding a name I like as well as Ramona, but Sylvia does something for me.

    Here is my question? Are there a ton of little Sylvias? I am sort of obsessed with the name not being popular. When you add together the Silvias and the Sylvias it would actually be around #400 in terms of popularity. What does this equate to? I don't need a completely unique name but I really don't want her to be Silvia C or Silvia with an I (prefer the original spelling), when she goes to school. How many little Sylvias do you know? If you have a little Sylvia how often do you run into another?

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    I love Sylvia! I want to like the original spelling, Silvia, but it just doesn't have the elegant appeal of Sylvia to me. I don't know any little girls with the name, although at a state-wide church event a couple summers ago I came across a little adorable black girl whose name was Sylvia. I know, because she was wearing a name tag. The only other Sylvia I've ever come across in person was someone about 5-10 grades ahead of me in my small private Christian school (that went from Pre-K to 10th grade--I think she was in 10th grade when I was in 1st or 2nd...)--she eventually became my religion and computer teacher, throughout middle and high school. It's such a classic but unexpected name, I'd really love to meet one. The average is that there will really only be 1 Sophia per public school grade (when I did the math, this didn't include charter schools, Catholic schools, Christian-but-not-Catholic schools, private secular schools, home schools, etc.!), so I can imagine that at spot number 400 (with only about 700 births in the country--which, btw, is only a fraction of the number of Sophias that were born!) wouldn't be very bad at all.

    Ramona and Sylvia are very pretty together!
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    Sylvia/Silvia and Ramona are a fantastic sibset! I really like the Silvia from Two Gentlemen of Verona, too. I can't be terribly helpful about the popularity, except to say that I've never met a Sylvia and don't really expect to (though I'd be delighted if I ever did!)
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    In 2005, Silvia was No# 990 in the US (it's wasn't in the top 1,000 last year). Sylvia was No# 526 in 2012 (that's only 572 girls). I don't think you have to worry. I know only one Sylvia in her 80's. I think it's a pretty name that just rolls off the tongue! I think it has a retro feel like Ramona.
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    Silvia is one of my favorite names! I've been teaching preschool/kindergarten for a few years and have yet to meet a little Silvia. (I prefer the Silvia spelling as well)

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