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    Smile Arlo, Larson, Levi? thoughts?

    We have a 3.5 year old girl names Anneke (ohn-e-ka) and we are due September with baby #2, unknown if it is a girl or boy!

    I was born in Canada but my mother was born in Holland an immigrated here in her teens. my other side is of german descent down the line.. My husband was born in Prague. We travel there to visit often, as many family still remains there.

    Our girl name is Beatrice. We are stuck on a middle name but we like
    Beatrice Pearl
    Beatrice Lou
    Beatrice Lee

    Olive is another fave.

    Our boys top picks are Arlo, Levi and Larson. Arlo sounds feminine to me as I know of a couple Harlow's, and a Marlo, all girls. I also am not sure i like 'anneke and arlo' together. Levi we like, but I feel it is becoming increasingly trendy and popular. We dont want a unique name (to canada its unique i guesS) such as Anneke and then a trendy spotlight name...
    so we are also really liking the name Larson. And i think out of the three it pairs well Anneke and Larson. nn. Lars. we sometimes call Anneke 'Ani' (On nee)

    I am really stuck on a middle name for a boy. i tend to like one syllable middle names as our kids have both our last names (also one syllable each) but im open to suggestions!!!
    I love the middle name FOX but my husband hates it!! he says i like too many 'hippy' names!!!

    Anneke is a round faced, very fair blonde little gal and i imagine if we have a son he'll be the same. I always picture the scandivanian name Larson to belong to a blonde haired beauty. lol


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    I like both Levi and Larson, but Larson nn Lars just sounds so cute with Anneke!
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    thanks for your thoughts!! im loving Larson lately too. love the way it sounds

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    anyone else?? i guess its hard as Larson is so not popular..!!! which i like but then i cant find any info on its naming trends, meanings etc. its typically a surname, meaning 'son of lars'
    great. couldnt figure that one out myself HAHA

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    I adore the name Levi (my grandson) but it is getting very popular in places.

    I think Larson and Anneke would be great siblings. Lars and Ani are adorable.

    How about Larson Vaughn? I like Beatrice Pearl from your girl's list.

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