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    I actually really like it, probably because I've only ever met one, even though it was very popular in my generation. I wouldn't put TOO much stock into the idea that "all the Amber's I've met were horrible, so mine will be too." I have come across names like that (Katelyn, for example), but others, like my name, my mom's name, vary so much. So I think if you like it, you should definitely use it. (please vote!)

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    I don't mind it. I know its dated, but I prefer it to more current gem names like Ruby or Pearl. (Though I do like Opal and Emerald/Esmeralda...) I like the warm colour and the fact it's a soft gem from trees.

    I also vastly prefer Amber/Esther/Briar/Demeter to -er names that are occupational like Piper/Harper/Taylor, etc.

    I like Amber Felicity. Or Amber Vivienne, which I see PP has mentioned already.

    Or Amber Meredith, Amber Catherine, Amber Verity, Amber Sabine, Amber Joelle, Amber Delphine... I could see it working with a lot of names, actually.

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    I like Amber as a nn for Ambrosia

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    I have pretty much always liked the name Amber. I don't like Amber Felicity though. I like Amber Rose better.

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    I love it! How about Amber Elizabeth?

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