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    This happens all the time and I HATE it. I don't like nicknames on myself and both names I go by get shortened for no good reason.
    When I'm presenting female I'm Angel and people insist on calling me Ang (ay and AH sounds) or Angie. Why?! It's already short enough! If I was Angela or Angelica or something I could get it, but not Angel. I also get "April? Ashley?" I've also have the "involuntarily lengthened" problem. So many people go "Oh so your name's Angela" No, it's just Angel. I had a teacher once argue for 10 minutes about how my mom would have to be stupid to name me Angel as it's not a real name and that my name is really Angela and I'm just wrong. Her words. Same thing happened in a German class recently. My teacher said "In Germany, that name would be against the law" and then called me Angela.

    When I present Male, I'm Remy. I've only been using Remy for a week and people are already going "Hey Rem..." Sigh. Remy is short enough! I actually stopped in the middle of a sentence today when my roommate called me Rem. He says "Oh come on Rem..." And I whip mu hand up. "Did you call me Rem? My name is Remy. It's short enough. You don't call Cody Co or Cod or Code and Remy is the exact same length." Stopped that right there :P

    It's also happening with Persephone. I expected that, so I already picked a nickname I love in case people ask. The thing that makes me cringe a little is when some one says "What's her name?" "Persephone." They look up and go "And what do you call her?" *Raises brow* "Persephone." "You don't really call her all that!" With this terrified look. Well yes. that's why I named her that :P Or "And what are you going to call her?" Then "You're seriously going to use the full name?" Again, that's why I named her that and not just Sephy :P

    Anyway, mini-rant over. ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    My name is Cassandra but on and off all my life I've been Cassie. Nowadays, I usually just go by Cassie with family and older friends calling me Cassandra. Also, very recently I've been getting a lot of people calling me Cass which I had never gotten called up until now!
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    Liv, Livvie, Livso...and occasionally Ollie or Olive or even Oliver from my friends when they're messing around. I mostly introduce myself as Livia but sometimes I just say it's Liv because I might as well be the one to shorten it before anyone else does

    Sometimes it's a bit disconcerting when, say, a new teacher does it, but I don't really mind too much. I guess I can't because I'm the kind of person that automatically shortens people's names myself.

    My sister is Holly and she gets "Hol" or even "Holls". She also had the lengthening problem - because Holly's quite a popular name she sometimes gets people smooshing her middle name in with her first like they're hyphenated, Holly-May, to distinguish her from the nineteen other Holly/Hollies in her class.
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    Most of my friends call me Kelly but my family call me Kel or Kelz

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    My name is PollyJoanna ( yes, one word Lol) 100% of friends or people I just met call me Polly, while my immediate family or close friends will call me PollyJo. The only people who call me by my full name are credit card companies wanting me to get their card haha. Oh well, whatcha gonna do?...
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