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    Ugh, yes. My name is Sabrina and people can't help themselves.. they instantly go to Sab (yes, like scab). I correct them so I usually end up as Sabrina but people do act put out as though all those syllables are just a waste of energy.

    I would never give my child a long first name unless it had a nickname that I loved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverr View Post
    My name is Sarah, so you would assume it wouldn't be shortened or given a nickname but sometimes it's inevitable.

    My best friend called me Sally until high school, and stopped because it confused people.
    Everyone in my family calls me by my first and middle name together, or the initials. I almost never get called just Sarah by them.

    People automatically seem to nickname me based on my last name at first and if they get to know me better they use the nicknames my friends use; which are S or Silver.

    My sister calls me Rah-rah, which written down seems horrible but I love it.
    Wow, this sounds almost exactly like my sister. She's Sarah and Sally and Rah-rah are the big two that she gets. And Sarah is one of those names you would think would be un-nickname-able.
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    I'm a Sophie and I get Soph off so many people - literally the only people that use my full name are my family and teachers/lecturers. Friends, OH, even his family call me Soph at times now too. I answer to both, and Soph doesn't bother me. I would never introduce myself as Soph as I find it very informal but I never tell people not to call me it.

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    I'm Hannah and I get Han, Hans or Hannie sometimes, but only from my friends. I'd never introduce myself with any of those and I would find it odd if anyone but my friends used them.
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    I have the opposite problem. Unless I specifically introduce myself as Ren people will call me Karen, even if I say 'I'm Karen but I go by Ren.' "-_-

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