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    My name is Catalina and I do get called Cat a lot. I don't like it but I have learned to tolerate it.
    Catalina || 18 || College Student

    Girls: Augusta || Bryony || Caroline || Elizabeth || Katherine || Margaret || Rosemary || Ruth
    Boys: Adrian || August || Bennett || Elliott || Ezra || Foster || Joel || Lowe || Porter || Weston

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    I'm an Emily who rarely gets called Em except by a few people. I'm not really a fan of nicknames, so I only call myself by my full name.

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    My name is Sarah, so you would assume it wouldn't be shortened or given a nickname but sometimes it's inevitable.

    My best friend called me Sally until high school, and stopped because it confused people.
    Everyone in my family calls me by my first and middle name together, or the initials. I almost never get called just Sarah by them.

    People automatically seem to nickname me based on my last name at first and if they get to know me better they use the nicknames my friends use; which are S or Silver.

    My sister calls me Rah-rah, which written down seems horrible but I love it.

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    No. My name has an commonly known nickname, but most people don't automatically assume to use it. I'm not sure why, but I don't mind. I don't think I'd like it if people I just met started calling me by my nickname. Maybe this is because only my close friends and family members use it. I think it would feel too personal.

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    My name is Cora, so it never really gets shortened. I have always been a bit envious of those with names that tend to have nickname possibilities.

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