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    My name is Emily. Never gets shortened automatically.

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    I'm Margaret, and yes people shorten it automatically (always to Maggie) and if I'm being honest, it does bother me.

    Margaret is my formal/official name, whereas Maggie is my "personal" name, one that I invite people to call me.

    If I haven't invited someone to use Maggie, I do expect them to use Margaret, I think it's rude to automatically shorten someone's name.

    Perhaps I'm just very sensitive though.

    NB: I'm happy for everyone on NB to call me Maggie! ;-)
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    I am a Jennifer who is always getting called Jen. Occasionally, I will get called Jenny, but I make a point to let them know I prefer not to be called by that nickname. I don't mind being called Jen, but it is usually something that my family and friends call me. When a stranger or someone I am not very close with calls me Jen I kind of am taken off guard.
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    It does happen to me, but only rarely. When I was a kid I went by Margaret, and would occasionally get Marg or Margie. I loathe both of these nicknames, but usually failing to respond did the trick. Now I have the opposite problem as @maggiemary, in that sometimes I introduce myself as Maggie and they will call me Margaret. I wouldn't say it bothers me, but I think it's kind of weird. Unless I've introduced myself as "most high queen" or something equally ridiculous, I expect you to call me by the name I introduced myself as! But like I said, this happens very rarely.

    There are a couple of people who automatically shorten my name to Mags, but they tend to be the kind of people who shorten everyone's name automatically, and I think it's kind of cute.
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    I think I have a very "nickname-able name" (Kathryn), but I have never had this problem. People always ask "do you go by Kathryn or something else?" or "does anyone ever call you _____ (Kathy, Katie, Kat, Kitty, etc.)?" There were times when I was a kid that people got it wrong (the Sunday school teacher overheard my uncle calling me "Kath" and thought I went by Kathy "just like her", so I felt bad correcting her; a French teacher called me Kathy and the other Catherine (who goes by Cathy) Catherine for an entire semester because she just couldn't keep it straight), but it was always unintentional.

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