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Thread: Lemon?

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    Great nickname... but I don't see Lemon Jones, Attorney at Law. Sorry.
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    I see lemon being used solely as a nn, nothing else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    All I think of is the Gilmore Girls episode where the girl introduces herself as Lem "short for Lemon" and Rory looks incredulous and says, "uh, sure"
    I thought this too! I really don't think it works as a first name. Way too... citrusy.

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    I really like Mirabel/Mirabelle and I kind like Cerise (French for cherry) and I love Rimona/Ramona (while the Spanish usage is unrelated, it is Hebrew for pomegranate) and I LOVE Tamar (Hebrew for date palm), so I cannot say I dislike fruit names without being a big liar who maybe gets hit by lightning.

    Buuuut... I like subtle fruit names. Lemon does not work for me.

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    Lemon is also a term for a vehicles with numerous, severe mechanical issues. It's like you'd be saying your child doesn't work properly. It's a definite no.

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