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    I used to despise boys names on girls, but i have come to realize that everyone has a different opinion on what a unisex name is. Where some people like Ryan, Tyler, Evan, Logan, Dylan, Spencer, Connor, and Taylor for girls, i find them totally masculine and would never consider them for a girl. Recently, DH brought Sawyer Grace to me as a possible for our DD, and i fell in love with it, where most people tell me its much to masculine. So, i guess what i am trying to say is if you love it, go for it, because everyone is different ! She will not spend her lifetime being confused for a boy. I grew up with a girl named Parker, and she never had any trouble with her name.

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    I really like Eliot on a girl actually rather on a boy. Although I would prefer to be spell Elliot or Elliott. The nn Ellie is adorable!
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    Eliot would rock on a little girl! Elliott is an honor name for me, so I would consider using it as a first or middle for any gender.

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    I love Eliot on boys and I am sad to see it going to the girls. It was on our short list if DD1 had been a boy but the way that girls were taking the name over deterred us. (unisex is not our thing)

    But I know a girl baby (8 or 10 months or so) Eliot and it is obvious to me that it works just fine. The "Ellie" beginning is decidedly feminine when you see it attached to a girl in a pink dress.

    I think most of the negativity is people like me who hate to see a lovely boys name becoming unisex, but I have to say that unisex is your thing it can totally work. I think the Eliotte spelling would take away any ambiguity in writing, even if you pronounced it the same way.
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    Just because Ellie is a popular girls' nickname doesn't mean every El- starting name can be used for the girls. To me, Elliot (I much prefer this spelling) is a masculine name, as is Elijah, Elias, Eli, even Ellis, although as a surname I think that one is a bit more legitimately unisex. The girls have Elizabeth, Eleanor, Elena, Ellen, Ella, Eliana, Elise and so many, many more.

    In the UK, a female Elliot (or Eliot, or Elliotte) would get a "WTF" reaction because it is so firmly a boy's name over here.

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