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    Need advice on a possible baby boy name!

    I love the name Sebastian. However, my last name is Simms. Is Sebastian Simms too much??

    The full name would be Sebastian Thomas Simms, but he would go by Sebastian or Bash. Thoughts??

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    I think it sounds ok with your last name!

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    I'm not a fan of alliteration, so it's nms. But I think you could get away with Sebastian Simms... but I would not use Thomas as a mn. Thomas Simms not only has the -s -s issue, but also will slur to Thomasimms. I'd personally choose a mn with no s's to balance the abundance of s's in the first and last names.
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    I think that Sebastian Simms is a fine! Sebastian is a great name!

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    I love Sebastian Thomas Simms! And Bastian is an alternative if the alliteration bothers you.

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