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    Do you like the name Sawyer?

    Hi, my husband has fallen in love with the name Sawyer Grace and i'm just wondering what everyone thinks about it. Thanks. Any suggestions would also be appreciated.

    ** EDIT -- I guess i should have mentioned it before but i never thought. When my DH saw the name Sawyer Grace and fell in love with it, it was partially because he just loved it, but mainly because Sawyer is his grandmothers maiden name, and Grace is my gran's name. I do realize that Grace is seen as somewhat of a filler or overused name, but that isnt the case for us. thank you everyone for your input !!
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    I like the name Sawyer I think it works well for a little girl and I like it paired with Grace its sweet and simple but obviously feminine. If your husband likes Sawyer but you want something that is less common you might like has a similar sound and is Welsh meaning "carpenter".
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    I love it! I think of an adventurous little girl with freckles pretending to be a pirate. I have a couple of combos I have been mulling over, but I'm not completely satisfied with either of them. Sawyer Grace is nice enough, but I feel like Grace is so tiring in the middle slot.

    Sawyer Charlotte
    Sawyer Anastasia
    Sawyer Rosamund
    Sawyer Vivienne
    Sawyer Gracia
    Sawyer Danica
    Sawyer Zinnia
    Sawyer Faye
    Sawyer Hannah
    Sawyer Florence
    Sawyer Jane
    Sawyer Lilac
    Sawyer Agatha
    Sawyer Cerelia
    Sawyer Sapphira
    Sawyer Junia
    Sawyer Elise
    Sawyer Elizabeth
    Sawyer Catherine
    Sawyer Temperance
    Sawyer Verity
    Sawyer Mariah
    Sawyer Emmeline
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    I don't really like Sawyer for a girl--it's all boy to me. But Grace is a lovely middle that give it some balance. Were you wanting first name suggestions, or alternate middles?
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    I prefer it for a boy, but that's me personally. I don't see any reason why it can't be super cute on a girl, and Grace would be a great middle with Sawyer. It's used a lot for a reason - it's feminine without being too frilly.
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