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    Wow, congrats! I've never heard of the surname 和... but I love the name! 美纳 works so well in both languages, and is just so meaningful. I love the story with Tahirih... that is the kind of woman to name your daughter after! Congrats on your new baby, Mayna, and hope Lily has a swift recovery!
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    Thanks all! We are certainly very excited by this new addition to the family!

    @ottilie- I also can't stop smiling over this Having a daughter is awesome! You know, I'm still glad I went through the deeep search for a boy's name. Through that process (and thanks in large part to you and many other berries) I gained a new appreciation for names in general. Not to mention, I'm also write quite a lot,and I'm sure many of the names I found will be used in my stories. No wasted effort at all.

    @ash- Tahirih is pronounced tah-her-ray

    @aurora- I'm glad you appreciated this process as much as me. And I apprecite your help in the process! I also feel like through that process I gained some new understandings and appreciations. And I plan to still drop by the forums on occasion, I like it here and I've become a bit of a name nerd.

    @tfzol- 和 is the surname of many of the Naxi people (I don't know the exact percentages, but at least 75% of the Naxi people I've met have this surname). It is my wife's family name, so we all adopted it as our Chinese surname. And yeah, I'm really happy we're including Tahirih as a namesake, she was pretty awesome!
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    Congratulations! Rayhan and Mayna are lovely names for siblings.

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    What a gorgeous, wonderful name! Both names have such amazing significance to you and your wife, it's amazing to see such thought and consideration come together with such grace and beauty. Congratulations on the health of your daughter and wife, and well done!
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    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing all the details about her name. I think it is beautiful.
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