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    Some more suggestions:

    Marie + Lynn = Marilyn
    Marie + Lee = Marlies, Marly
    Tracy + Marie = Tamsin, Araminta, Tamara, Matilda, Mattie
    Marie + Lee + Brenda = Melinda
    Lee - Leonie, Lenore (could also use this for -or in Dorothy), Leona (also -ona for Donna)
    Dorothy - Theodora, Thea, Dorrie/Dory
    Donna is "lady of the home" - Freya is "noble lady" and Martha is "lady of the house" (and Martha could also honor Marie)
    Brenda - Maeve (both have sword meaning)-- also Maeve could honor Marie too.
    Tracy may be a short form of Theresa/Teresa-- you could use that or Tess/Tessa as a mn

    Elise Martha, Elise Dorothy, Elise Theodora, Elise Tamara
    Esther Maeve, Esther Dorothy, Esther Lenore, Esther Leona
    Hazel Marie, Hazel Freya, Hazel Dorothy, Hazel Theodora, Hazel Tamsin
    Stella Maeve, Stella Marly, Stella Leonie, Stella Tess
    Cora Maeve, Cora Leonie, Cora Tess, Cora Marlies
    Audrey Martha, Audrey Tess, Audrey Lenore, Audrey Tamara

    I like the suggestion of using Dora too-- close to Dorothy and Cora. You could also use Coralie Maeve (for Cora + Lee and also Brenda and Marie!).

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