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    I love Liilian Adora. I think Adora is a little more suited for a little girl than a woman but if you do choose Adora as a first name, then don't give her the MN Belle.
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    I met a little Adora in the airport last week! We blew bubbles together, it was very fun. She was a gorgeous, smart half-Asian four-year-old. It was perfect on her. I can see Adora working well up through college age; I have a little harder time imagining Adora in the corporate world, but given that I work in that realm and have dealt with Mycals etc, I know that's not the end of the world. Adora's straightforward to pronounce.

    Of your combinations, I like Adora Lillian best. But Lillian Adora is magic, and I love Isabella and Lillian together.

    Adora Charlotte's great too. I'm not a fan of the matching -a endings of Adora Olivia, and Adora Joy is just too cute for me. Adora Jeri feels like a mismatch, maybe save that one for another kid. I wouldn't mind seeing a sobering (in a good way) middle like Adora Elizabeth or Adora Margaret.

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    I agree with some others that it's a bit sickly sweet for a grown woman.

    I love Adara and I like Andorra.

    Lillian Adora is really beautiful and if you're committed to Adora that's what I'd go with.
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    I know an Adora.

    I think I like it better as a nickname for Isadora.

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    Lillian Adora IS magic, I totally agree. This is my issue-- DH thinks Adora works much better as a first name but I don't think he's thinking about how it'll be for a woman.

    I also agree with the minority that its too sweet and precious. It's too close to adorable. It's way too girly.

    But I don't have a huge issue with that. I love girly names (obviously with an Isabella) and it does go so well with it.

    If the middle name is just right (more mature) DD can go with it when she gets older. I go by my middle. My first name is Phoebe. Hard to pronounce and very hard to grow up with.

    Thank you all so much for your awesome input!
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