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    As it stand, after consulting with Mr Tig its been:

    Rosalie Artemisia Lux
    Rosalie Euphemia Lux

    Lux is after his brother.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiggerian View Post
    So, we are still thinking a long the lines of Rosalie nn. Roo or Rose for a girl. I love Rosalind, but I find myself being more capable of imagining calling out Rosalie than Rosalind.

    The list we came down with - well Rosalie was really the only choice there. Most of the others were either unrealistic or very much just "fad names" (you know the ones you briefly swoon over and then forget).

    Still determining whether to throw in a second middle name, but for now I just want to try to narrow down my middle name options:

    The daring choices:
    Rosalie Artemisia
    Rosalie Athena (maybe not so daring on NB, but naming your child after a Goddess can be rocky ground)
    Rosalie Briseis (bree-SAY-ees)
    Rosalie Euphemia
    Rosalie Hermione

    The more classic choices:
    Rosalie Flora
    Rosalie Abigail
    Rosalie Viola
    Rosalie Nell

    The safe choices (the you-cant-go-wrong-with..):
    Rosalie Grace
    Rosalie Pearl

    I am currently leaning a lot heavier towards the more daring choices - but there still that "Do I really dare use it?"

    My thoughts on the combinations:
    Rosalie Artemisia - I love this combination it feels so powerful, and demure. But in all honesty I think this combination is far to much in 'real life'. I think Rosalie Artemisia is beautiful but just too much.

    Rosalie Athena - Ah such a beautiful combination, Rosalie is a gorgeous name and flows so wonderfully with Athena. Athena is a stunning choice and just sounds brilliant with Rosalie. I adore this combination!!

    Rosalie Briseis - I really dislike Briseis for me the name is really unattractive, I dislike the sound with Rosalie as well. The flow is really disrupted and unappealing.

    Rosalie Euphemia - Ah Euphemia is a great name, very elegant and retro. On the Irish side of my family, she's a family name. Thus making me love Euphemia even more. Rosalie Euphemia has a lot of spunk I adore her.

    Rosalie Hermione - Okay so I love the name Hermione she's great. Hermione has an awesome witchy appeal and sounds so elegant and crafty. Hermione is a beautiful choice but just doesn't work with Rosalie the flow is really strange.

    Rosalie Flora - I like Flora she's very sweet a good retro choice but in all honesty I think Rosalie Flora sounds far too hippy in all honesty.

    Rosalie Abigail - I've always disliked the name Abigail, I think she's really unattractive and harsh. Thus I dislike this combination.

    Rosalie Viola - I adore the flowery feel of this name. Rosalie is gorgeous one of my favourite girl's name and as is Viola. My favourite names are at the moment Rosalie, Viola, Angelica, Jane, Carmen, and Eve. Thus I adore this combination! It's so pretty.

    Rosalie Nell - Ah I dislike Nell as a stand alone name. So I'm really not keen on this choice.

    Rosalie Grace - I'm unsure about this combination, Grace is an easy-to-go name - a filler name - and she makes this combination feel almost cheesy.

    Rosalie Pearl - Lovely. Very elegant.

    My favourites:
    Rosalie Athena
    Rosalie Euphemia
    Rosalie Viola
    Rosalie Pearl

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    I love Rosalie Flora, Rosalie Artemisia, and Rosalie Athena.

    Best of luck.

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