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    Rosalie Athena, Rosalie Artemisia and Rosalie Pearl are beautiful!!!
    'and so, being young and dipt in folly, I fell in love with melancholy,.'
    - Edgar Allan Poe

    libra, Edgar Allan Poe and Frida Kahlo obsessed,
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    Quote Originally Posted by elisabeth rae View Post
    The daring choices are a little too daring for me I do like Rosalie with a longer middle name, but perhaps one with different stress syllables?

    Rosalie Allegra
    Rosalie Francesca
    Rosalie Corina
    Rosalie Celeste?

    For "safe", one-syllable choices, perhaps:

    Rosalie Maeve
    Rosalie June

    Btw, I really love the name Rosalie, esp. with nn Rose or Rosie!
    We're not really lf other mn options, but thank you. Allegra has been talked about before, but in the end my SO wasn't a fan.

    Nn will be Roo or Rose - absolutely no Rosie. I know most people think its cute, but for some reason I just can't stand Rosie.

    Merrybells - I've suggested Cassandra too, but SO doesn't like it =/

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    The safe choices are a little too "safe" for me, i.e., bland. I'd stay away from any more floral names at risk of overkill on the botany, so Flora's out. Of your "classic choices" I like Viola, but the others are a little too bland/don't go (Nell) or trendy (Abigail).

    I love both Rosalie Artemisia and Rosalie Athena, but I'd prefer Rosalie Artemis, I think.

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    Rosalie Athena is my favorite.

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