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    Cair Paravel :)
    I really love Josephine, Caleb, and Owen together! I think they're fab together. I also love Josephine, Caleb, and Everett (love, love, love!), but I'm very likely biased, as Caleb and Everett are my top 2, and Josephine is also on my list. They seem perfect together.

    As an American, I very much like Rafferty, and I think Josephine, Caleb, and Rafferty are lovely, as well. I suppose it depends on the American? It's a really cool name, and Raff/Rafe are really cool nns. Personally, I like Owen and Everett much better for you, but Rafferty is really cool and I'd love to meet a little boy with the name.

    A few other ideas:

    Josephine, Caleb, and Lucian
    Josephine, Caleb, and Felix
    Josephine, Caleb, and August (love!)
    Josephine, Caleb, and George
    Josephine, Caleb, and Asher
    Josephine, Caleb, and Oliver
    Josephine, Caleb, and Dominic
    Josephine, Caleb, and Declan (I realize it's dated in the UK, but I really love it with Josephine and Caleb, and I think it's a great name in general)
    Josephine, Caleb, and Elias
    Josephine, Caleb, and Elliot
    Josephine, Caleb, and Emmett
    Josephine, Caleb, and Phineas

    Good luck!
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    They are all great contenders except for Judah. My personal favourites are Jude and Reuben. Owen and Rafferty are both great, as well. Best of luck!

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    London girl here.

    Owen: Yes there's multiple spellings, but in London at least Owen is by far the most common, and the default. The variants are more found in Welsh/Scottish/Irish families or those with heritage of such.

    Judah: I find Judah a bit too close to Judas, though I find Jude a bit too nicknamey.

    Reuben: Love this. No idea what a Reuben sandwich is, it's not a thing here, and most people would know how to spell it. Plus it's got nn Ben as well if it proves too difficult for anyone, though it really shouldn't.

    Rafferty: I always think of a really scruffy guy when I hear this name, it looks like raggety to me. I think most people in London would get the name and be able to spell it though.

    Reuben or Owen would be my picks of your list.

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