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    For a British Baby: Owen, Judah, Reuben, or Rafferty?

    Hello berries!

    I could use some help from anyone but particularly fellow mum's in Britain who are out there! I'm American myself but my husband and our two children are English. We live in London and likely will for the rest of their childhood at least. With the first two this didn't really affect our name choice but this time I'm finding the cultural influences to be much more at play. (ie multiple spellings of Owen, Reuben sandwiches/American idol winner not being factors, Rafferty being unheard of by American friends, etc.)

    Our first two are Josephine Kate and Caleb James. We have a one syllable, popular last name that most names go with and no set mn's yet. Can you help me sort through name ideas with number 3? Please feel free to add more!

    Owen (front runner so far but not in love with it)
    Judah/Jude (I prefer Judah, husband prefers Jude)
    Reuben (my favourite but husband isn't convinced)
    Rafferty nn Raffy (wildcard name I love but a little unsure)

    (We're definitely still interested in American implications since they are also American but British sentiments are going to be the prevailing set through their formative years so want to be sensitive to that.)


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    Okay, London girl here!

    I like Reuben and Rafferty best of your choices. I dislike Judah, it feels over the top Biblical to me, but Jude is very handsome. And Owen is quite cute.
    There are a lot of little Reubens running about, but I still think it's a very lovely name. All the ones I've met are great little chaps.

    Other names:
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    They're all fine in England. Rafferty is my personal favourite with Josephine and Caleb but I like Reuben too

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    I am not a Judah fan but the others are nice. My favorite combos are:

    Owen Rafferty or Rafferty Owen

    With your other kids names, I prefer Rafferty Owen.
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    Thanks so much for your feedback! I was a little concerned that Judah was too far and prefer Jude on it's own but with a one syllable last name and next to the sibling names I felt like Judah sounded more rounded out than Jude. Does that make sense?

    Thanks for the back-up on Rafferty! I love it but got more than a few eye raises from American friends. What do you think of the class/heritage implications? Does it matter? (Pleading my expat ignorance here.)

    Great to know Reuben is becoming more popular, was worried about it sounding too biblical again so happy there are a few out there.

    Ottilie - thanks for suggestions! Josephine was actually meant to be Everett! (We were told a boy at our scan.) So it feels like that name has been taken, although we love it. Also really like Hugh/Hugo.

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