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    We need help naming #3

    My husband and I are having trouble naming our third child. Our son is Bridger and our daughter is Tinley . We are looking for something unique and meaningful that blends well with Bridger and Tinley. At this point we are planning to have the gender of baby as a surprise.

    My husband's favorite boy names are Carson, like 'Kit' Carson, or Jackson, like Jackson Hole, Wy. He likes Abigail for a girl, which means 'Father's Joy".

    I tend to like different names than him. I feel like Carson and Jackson are becoming pretty common and I don't want to be too 'themed'. Abigail is also a very popular name and I would hope that we could agree on something less common.
    Sawyer-- My husband kind of likes this name.

    Shiloh- "God's gift"; "Peace and abundance"
    Katriel- "God is my crown"
    Waverly-- which I wouldn't do next because I feel having another name with a 'ly' ending doesn't flow well.
    Hazel- "Hazel tree or God sees"

    We need some input. Thank you!
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    I have to say that I really like Carson with Bridger and Tinley. Beckett is one of my secret pleasures and I don't mind duplicating letters in a sibset but some do. Bridger and Beckett sound very cute to me. Silas is my third choice.

    Beckett Silas
    Carson Beckett
    Silas Jackson

    Shiloh - Sounds pretty cool with Tinley and Bridger, beautiful meaning as well.
    Katriel & Hazel - to me. both of these read very girl while Tinley sounds a little more unisex. Almost sounds like two boys and a girl. Middles maybe?
    Waverly - I don't mind the "ly" repetition so much as you do. If you would have Beckett or Sawyer with Bridger, why would Waverly and Tinley be an issue?

    Shiloh Hazel or Abigail
    Waverly Katriel

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