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    I like Maxine, I think it's beautiful, vintage, and has some sass and spunk! It also goes well with your daughter's name of Rowan.

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    Well, I guess it would have to be a middle. My husband said "Eh, a little too old lady isn't it?" when I mentioned it earlier. He likes more modern sounding names, not really into the vintage name thing. Except for his weird love affair with Drusilla, but I'm not a huge fan.
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    I quite like it! I think it's very fresh.

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    We know a little Maxine! We call her Maxie mostly.

    She and her twin, Lillian, are just adorable! My first reaction to her name was "old lady" but, as many of us know, that goes away as soon as the baby is there. They are 3 now, by the way.

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    Love the idea of Rowan and Max as sisters, but I'm not crazy about Rowan and Maxine as sisters. They seem like a very mismatched set to me. I can better imagine Rowan and Maxwelle as sisters. I can better imagine Maxine being Ramona's little sister. Any way, other than the sibset thing my first thought when I hear Maxine is the grumpy cartoon character, but if I were to meet a little girl named Maxine I could come around very easily I think.
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