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    I have an awesome Maxine association so that helps it for me. The girl I know is mid 20s & super cool. She gets called Max. I think that not too long ago Maxi felt like the only nn option for Maxine and that put people off of it. The whole Maxi pad thing. Now that girls are often called Elliot, Logan & one would blink at the nn Max on a girl. I think this greatly improves Maxine.

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    I much prefer a baby girl Maxine to a baby girl Maxwell like Jessica Simpson did. I think Maxine is a good way to get to the nn Max for a girl.

    It's not my favorite of all names but if you like it, go for it. I can see that it is more of a grandma name, but those are coming back in style. And I don't see Maxine as boring at all. It's not even in the top 1000 - I would find it unexpected rather than boring. To me boring is Sophie/a or Madeline or an -ella name which I see on tons of babies.

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    I really like it! I worked with a woman named Maxine and my cousins have a relative (on the other side) who is a teenage Maxine, so it doesn't have an old lady vibe to me. I love the nickname Max too.
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    Personally, I think Maxine is one of, if not the worst names out there to choose. Sorry! Every Maxine I have ever met was just an awful person. I can't picture this name on anything but an old woman smoking cigarettes outsides her trailer . If I was named Maxine and my sister was named Rowan, I would be very jealous of her name. Rowan feels fresh and spunky while to me Maxine is the complete opposite. As much as I hated Jessica Simpson's choice of Maxwell, I would much rather meet a girl named Maxwell than a girl named Maxine. Sorry, if I came across as to harsh but I feel really strongly about this.

    Also, I warn you that there is a rather crass character named Maxine as well that seems to be getting quite popular. She started on greeting cards but seems lot be all over the Internet now. Just google Maxine and see what pops up. That is definitely not an association I would want to give my daughter.....
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    I don't hate it, but it seems very harsh to me. I prefer more feminine sounding names.

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