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    Honest Opinions about the name Maxine?

    What are your initial reactions to the name? Does it scream "grandma" or is is bland, lame, or boring? I've always loved it for some reason, and I'm considering using it for a middle. Maybe even a first if hubs would get on board. I love the idea of a little girl named Max.
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    It was my number one for a very long time! I think the nn Max is precious! It does feel a bit old lady, but I think it's very charming at the same time.
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    Massine is the French version. I have an ancestor named Massine Alix...I've thought of using her names w/nn Max!

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    The first think I thought of was its similarity to Maxime, which made me think of the HP character Madame Maxime. So loud, French, and large.
    Otherwise, I picture it along with checkers-playing old ladies Thelma, Edith, Agatha and Beatrice. A little overly vintage, but ready to be brought back to the public with a confident girl.

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    I know a Maxine. She's in her 50's. She's a redhead. Really funny... laughs all the time. One of those people that is full of life. So for me the name has a positive vibe.

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