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    O dear. Can we do another O?

    Hi there berries
    Three weeks to go today and still undecided! Not sure if we are having a girl or boy, but this week for a girl I am in love with Juno.
    My hesitation lies in the fact that her big brother is Milo - can I have two 'o' endings for my bubs?
    Can I imagine shouting out at the playground... "Milo! Juno! Time to go!"

    Have toyed with Juniper but I'm still seeing it as a bit cartoonish and think Juno is stronger.

    What do you think? Is it just one too many O's?!
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    It's a little rhymie, but it could work. You can always spell it Juneau if the double O endings bother you and you don't mind location names. Juniper is also a nice alternative, but if it isn't speaking to you, there's other June names out there like June or Junia.
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    I love both Milo and Juno, so I wouldn't be too concerned by it. Milo and Milena would be too matchy; but those two are fine. You could always use the Alaskan alternative Juneau, but I prefer the Juno spelling.
    It's much better than using a name like June, Juniper, Junia, etc., just to get to another name.

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    Have you thought about using the name Juniper with Juno as a nickname?? I think that would be pretty. Milo and Juniper sound sweet together.

    But to answer your question, Milo and Juno doesn't sound to matchy. (But Milo, Juno, and Lilou would. Lol)
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    You could say "Milo! Juno! It's time to leave!" Problem solved.

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