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Thread: Name Images!!!

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    Name Images!!!

    What images do you think of with these names:

    Gertrude "Gertie" Feynman
    Zel Corona

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    Gertrude conjures up images of a bumbling old woman upwards of 85, kind but a little forgetful, wears various shades of unflattering green, large thick glasses, flyaway hair, and a wild garden that takes over her entire lawn. She lives alone, but has various relatives she doesn't keep in contact with. Someone's great-aunt.

    Zel is one of two people: the first being a self-entitled "cool guy", the jerk with slicked-back hair and a pleather jacket, who thinks he's so great because his daddy bought him a motorcycle. He has house parties and gets detention on purpose.

    The second is the secretly sensitive punk-rock girl with a passion for music or painting or something. She's got funky hair and freckles, wears neon Doc Martens, and her holey T-shirts are paint-splattered.

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    Gertrude "Gertie" Feynman - Old lady, someone who likes to play tricks on people. Or a maid/house cleaner.
    Zel Corona - I thought Zel to be a girls name at first, but I think of a hipster cool guy who doesn't care what people think. Likes to do nothing but lay around and drink beer.
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    The first smells of mothballs. The second of metal shavings.
    Some people are worth melting for.

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    Gertrude or even Gertie reminds me of a socially incappitated teenager who wears horned rimmed glasses and is rejected by all.

    Zel Corona makes me think of a teenaged drug addict's alias.

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