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Thread: Name an Angel

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    Name an Angel

    This will be my first attempt at something besides a short story! I'm looking to name an Angel. She is blonde with blue eyes. Appears to be in her mid to late twenties. The general premise is that she is fascinated with humans and is assigned to trade places temporarily with one. What she doesn't know is that she was once human herself ( approx 1870-1890) but obviously becomes aware of this fact.

    So it needs to be old fashioned... not too exotic... but with a little something extra. I was considering Claire. But I'd like suggestions.

    She will eventually have a love interest named Luis. Peter and Luis are best friends and are also angels.

    Thanks a million!

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    Hmm. Of those I like Delphine and Charlotte. I forgot to mention I have not yet named the human she will be trading places with... someone who appears identical to the Angel (so beautiful) but reserved to the outside world. She's very detached and has no friends. She works as a bartender. She suffers from depression and has visions which she fears is schizophrenia. The "switch" she will do with the Angel will appear to her as one of her visions.

    The working name right now is Anna. I've been recently considering Annabelle.

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    i think something light and airy with one or two syllables, like ;Bell

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