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    Article on yahoo today

    I saw this article on the yahoo Ireland homepage today and thought I'd share. Apologies if it's been linked already.
    There were some statistics that I thought couldn't be accurate. This sentence made me pause. "One in 12 parents this year picked a name that included the colours Scarlett, Blue or Grey and one in 50 opted for Bear or Tiger." Doesn't that sound high to anyone else? Curious about the opinions of other berries!

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    That does seem rather high for any kind of name trend. I live in the U.S. and I am afraid that I do not really know many children born in the UK, so I really do not have any good feedback to offer.
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    Yeah, most of it seemed quite subjective. For example, I see Oliver as much more sporty than Harrison, and Harrison as much more nerdy than Oliver. It was all based on surveys. And of course, whenever I see that, I think, "But they didn't survey me!"
    I found it funny that they dubbed the trend of Ethels and Mabels as "extreme retro." Here on nameberry, that's entirely normal, and "extreme retro" would be more like the middle ages: Guinevere, Gawain, or Hildegarde.
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    The animal one sounds very high. I don't live in the UK but I do know color names are pretty popular in a lot of places. I don't think they're that popular though. Maybe it was 1 of 50 and 1 of 12 out of like 100 people surveyed.

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