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    Character name help anyone?

    Hi guys! I've been working on a dystopian/futuristic type of story and the characters names have been evading me. I’ve been trying to come up with names that are unique but not too far-fetched and I could use a little help. Anyways, here are the characters:

    Girl #1 - 17, she has light brown, almost reddish hair with bangs and blue eyes. She’s the protagonist who goes from being an obedient and cautious girl to a tenacious and bold one throughout the course of the story. She's a quick learner and would do anything for those she cares about.

    Boy #1 - 17, he has short, dark brown hair and light brown eyes. He is the leader of their little group and cares about everyone around him, almost too much. He is one of those people that use a tough exterior to hide something, mainly by sarcastic comments or a warrior-like attitude. Good with little kids. He also has a younger brother named Elliot(16) who is pretty significant in the story.

    Girl #2 – 18, she has black hair that falls just above her shoulders and hazel eyes. She’s very serious and negative a lot of the time, especially with people she doesn’t know/like/trust, but occasionally she can be fun to be around. She’s also the most intelligent of the group.

    Boy #2 – 18, he has ash blonde hair that refuses to lay flat and his eyes are blue. He is a man of few words and but always manages to get his point across. Rarely does he ever lose his cool. He has a large, muscular build.

    I've been calling Girl #1 Haven, but it's beginning to not feel right. Boy #1 has rotated between Atlas and West, but nothing is settled yet. The other two I have lost track of how many names they've had. And last names aren't decided yet.

    Sorry if this is long, but thanks for helping a newbie out

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    Girl #1: Morgan or Morrigan

    Boy #1: Jared or Zac (Zach or Zack)

    Girl #2: Daphne or Persephone (nn Seph)

    Boy #2: Ian, Ivan, Seth (if you don't use Seph) or Jasper (nn Jas) if you don't use Zac

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    Girl #1- Ingrid
    Boy #2- Gavin
    Girl #2- Lux
    Boy #2- Roy

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    Girl #1 ~ Saskia, Sloane, Greer, Opal, Quincy, Tegan/Teegan

    Boy #1 ~ Jack, Ian, Evander, Xander, Riker, Dante, Jethro (Jet)

    Girl #2 ~ Zara, Saba, Angelique, Neve, Petra, June

    Boy #2 ~ Evan, Luke, Alaric, Hunter, Liam, Hale, Everest
    (updated 9/1/17)

    ~ Catherina Violet ~ Ivy Seraphina ~

    ~ Leo Alexander ~ Nathaniel Henry ~

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