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Thread: Molly?

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    The association with MDMA doesn't bother me, if that helps to sway your opinion
    And I don't think the drug connection will be so prevalent down the line. So if you really like it and it seems as though you really do, go for it! Molly Patricia is a great combo too (much better than my own FN/MN combo).
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    My mom's nn is Molly and while I do have friend who will make a reference to the drug whenever she picks me up from school, it's not something obvious. Also, a girl at my school named Molly seems to get by without any teasing or references.

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    I think Molly is a wonderful name! I just recently added it to my list as well. I think the fact that it has such sentimental value to you will trump any negative associations that it has. Every name has a downside, and I had never heard that Molly could be used for a drug, so it doesn't seem like it would be that obvious of a downside. Molly Patricia is gorgeous and obviously special to you so I say go for it!

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    It's a nice and established name already, so just because there's a rather obscure negative association with it doesn't mean you shouldn't use it. Plus, it's obviously very meaningful to you, and that's reason enough to use it!
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    Personally, I love love love Molly and it has been on my top ten (at least!) the last ten years or so. I love the meaning it has to you, and Molly Patricia is very sweet (you could nn her Molly Pat - adorable!) It's definitely a keeper

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