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    What do you think of Verdandi?

    I'm kind of, well, obsessed with names beginning with "V" and recently came across the name Verdandi (also spelled Verðandi or Verthandi), which I'm developing quite a crush on. Verdandi was one of the three Norns (the others were Urd and Skuld) of Norse mythology, similar to the Greek Fates. I believe it is pronounced Vair-dahn-dee, but any Scandinavian Berries feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    If we did use it, it would probably be as a middle for Elizabeth. What do you think of the combo Elizabeth Verdandi or just the name Verdandi in general? Are there any horribly tragic myths associated with her, and do you think you would need Scandinavian heritage to pull it off? (We don't have any, as far as I know.) Thanks!
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    I know it's not but it sounds made up to me. It also strikes me as rather masculine, might be a dashing middle for a boy!

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    Verdandi is one of my most favorite names and our fallback option if Xanthe doesn't suit a future daughter. I would be thrilled to meet someone with it, even as a middle name.

    I think Elizabeth Verdandi is gorgeous!
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    I think it works really well as a middle name, especially next to something as grounded and classic as Elizabeth! I think it's fine without Scandinavian heritage as long as you really read up on the history. I don't know anything beyond what I've just read here. Good luck!

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    dont like as a first name, but I really like it as a middle. especially with Elizabeth!

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