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    Azure for a boy?

    We are expecting baby number 2 in march 2014. This baby will have a sister, Aeralyn Sage. I am in love with the name Azure- although it feels much too masculine to be a girl's name. It sounds like an offshoot of Asher to me.
    We love Azure Willem for a boy. Thoughts? Azure is the energetic color I feel with this pregnancy and Willem is the name of a very important teacher is my husband's life.
    I'm also a little concerned about folks mispronouncing Azure.

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    I like it. Mispronunciation might be an issue, but I think it is a common enough color name that most people will get it right. I also love your daughter's name!
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    I always found Azure masculine. I adore it on a boy! It's on my list. Would love to meet a male Azure!
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    I'd assume Azure was a girl, but it works for a boy, too, especially w/Willem as a middle name.

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    I like it for a girl, but it's fine for a boy. I think it's rare enough that it would probably need clarification either way, and it does sound quite a bit like Asher. Willem is very masculine, so if he doesn't like his Azure that's a good backup. Mispronunciation is a valid concern- it's bound to happen. I think you'll get the French-sounding ah-zyur occasionally.

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