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    I think meanings don't really matter unless they are literal. Mallory can mean "bad luck" etymologicaly, but the meaning isn't really apparent to English or even French speakers. Same thing with Cecily, Claude, Desdemona and other names with less than stellar meanings.

    However, I do find "Mal" a good example of a meaning that DOES matter. The word literally means "bad/evil" in most romance languages and even in English (see words like malice or malpractice). See the movie Inception, where that same name is used to great effect. It has a literal, recognisable meaning, while Mallory does not. It's fine as an occasional pet name, but I wouldn't want it on my birth certificate.

    Alternatives for the nickname "Mal":
    * Amalia, Amalie
    * Malle, Mallot, Malkin, Malin (medieval nicknames for Mary)
    * Malina
    * Malvina
    * Malika
    * Richmal
    * Amalthea
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    I consider meaning, but it does not mean that the name is unusable for me. I do like Mallory, but the reason I would not use it is the nickname Mal. Mal is a word in several languages, and if little Mal took French her name would mean 'evil', and if she learned Spanish it would mean 'bad'.
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    I would Not use a name if it had a bad meaning like; unlucky, misshapen head, etc. But the name doesn't need a great meaning either. It could mean "toward the western town" (it isn't bad but not necessarily good). But that is just me .

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    It matters a little. If I really loved a name and it didn't have the best meaning, I would probably still use it. However, if I am trying to decide if I like a name well enough to add it to my list or not, meaning could be a factor that causes me to decide no. For example, a few years ago I was rather fond of the name Everly. While trying to decide if I really liked the name, I looked up the meaning. Up to this point I had been really on the fence with the name. The meaning of Everly was "wild boar in woodland clearing." I decided that I didn't love it enough for it to make the list regardless of its meaning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by feberin View Post
    My daughter's name is sometimes listed as meaning bitter but I absolutely love her name and it's a family name so I think more of those she was named after then what it means.
    I've seen Mary/Marie as meaning bitter some places also, but at least it's not as bad as mine. Depending on where you get your meaning information from, my full maiden name meant "weary, bitter drunk." :P

    Meaning is somewhat important to me. I always want to know what the names I like mean. A name like Mallory, with the meaning unlucky, would definitely not be enough for me to take it off of my list, but if I was having a hard time choosing between two names, the meaning would probably be enough of a reason for me to choose the other name over Mallory. Having said that, unlucky is really not that horrible of a meaning. There are names with much worse connotations, so for me it would really depend a lot on how bad I perceived the meaning of a name to be.

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