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Thread: Nymphadora?

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    I generally like unusual names in the middle spot, but Nymphadora is really over the top to me. Not everyone is familiar with Harry Potter (and even if they are, they wouldn't necessarily find it cute or cool to name your kid after a character) and it makes me think of nymphomaniac.

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    I like it. It's not a name I would use but if you love it, use it. It's only the middle name and, honestly, how often do people really use a middle name. Besides it's funny to me when people say a name like Nymphadora is too much but a name like Cassiopeia isn't. They are both pretty hefty. Besides where is the fun in using a HP related name when not even a HP fan would make the connection. I'm a HP fan, but names like Wilhelmina, Beatrix, etc. don't remind me of HP. The only other names that do are Hermione, Andromeda, Minerva, and I can't think of any more.

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    OK, so I loved Tonks as a character, and I think Audrey Nymphadora sounds really cool, but even I thought of the whole nymphomaniac thing. I wouldn't want it as my middle, no matter how cool it sounds, so I wouldn't bestow it on a kid.

    But I do love many of the alternatives being offered on this thread. These are my favorites:
    Audrey Andromeda
    Audrey Minerva
    Audrey Ginevra
    Audrey Hermione

    I love pairing graceful, classic, familiar Audrey with something unexpected, meaningful, long, and quirky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    Tonks hated it, and I have a feeling that any other woman would too.
    This exactly.
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    I'd be incredibly embarrassed to carry this name around, to be honest. I'd be so mad at my parents. There's a reason the character in a series with so many obscure names is embarrassed by her name.

    I've loved Audrey for a long time, but Nymphadora as a middle name just makes a lovely name end in a "deflating balloon" sound.
    If you like the sounds of Nymphadora, perhaps the OR sound in Cordelia would appeal to you. Audrey Cordelia is stunning, in my opinion, and Cordelia still has a literary connection.
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