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Thread: Nymphadora?

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    I am going to vote with No on this one. I literally hear Nympho from that or think of a nymphomaniac.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taz View Post
    This name is just not OK. I've never read those books, and while plenty of adults that I know have, plenty never did. This name just makes me think of sex addiction.

    I had no idea where you'd got that name from. Now that I do know, it doesn't help. The associations are terrible, and if my middle name was Nymphadora, I'd never tell anyone. Sorry.

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    I understand what you're getting at, and while I think it's a beautiful name, I think (and it's been proven here) that a lot of people will think nymphomaniac. There's also the thing that's been mentioned that Tonks didn't like her own name...

    If the Harry Potter reference isn't the most important thing to you I will suggest one of my favourites, Musidora. It means gift of the muses which I think is adorable. And it's still got Dora, so it kind of relates to Tonks...?
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    Or Theodora, which combies Nymphadora and Tonk's sons name.

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    Personally, I like it but I can think aside obvious associations in general though not everyone can. I love the suggestions of Musidora and Theodora, how do you feel about Isidora then?

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