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Thread: Nymphadora?

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    So we're expecting a girl and we've chosen Audrey for the first name. Going through middle name ideas the suggestion of Nymphadora came up. I happen to be a fan of Harry Potter and I think it would be a really cute middle name. So I actually really like it but I'm just not sure if it would be okay to use. What are your opinions on Nymphadora?

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    In all honesty, and I say this as a Harry Potter fan, I dislike it. I'm all for choosing an HP-inspired name, but Nymphadora is very over-the-top, makes think of the word nymphet (something I wouldn't want for a younger girl), and plus, Tonks hated her name.
    I think Audrey Ginevra is lovely, though, as HP main characters go. I'd also consider Fleur, Luna, or Minerva.

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    In the middle, I think it's alright, definitely an odd choice though. Remember, Tonks didn't like her name either, so I would probably go with a more "common" harry potter name like Ginevra or Hermione.

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    Sorry, but it is over the top imo and sounds like someone who adores nymphomaniacs.

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