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    I like Theresa best. It's very classic. I think of it with names like Cecilia, that are not in style but are fairly saintly and not super crusty.

    I'm very fond of Tess/Tessa but would have to find a way to it that wasn't Theresa as its taken in my immediate circle. I toy with Tess for Esther, which was once suggested to me on Nameberry. But Esther just works better for my family than Theresa.

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    I like Teresa best, with Theresa I want to pronounce it with more of a Th sound like The-reesa rather than Tuh-reesa for some reason. I think Tessa is adorable, I like Tess too but I find Reese too masculine and the way I say the names it doesn't really make sense getting Reese from Teresa anyway.

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    I like Theresa best, though I have a soft spot for Thérèse when it's pronounced like in French (Thérèse pronunciation: How to pronounce Thérèse in French) How are you pronouncing Therese?
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