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    Thanks everyone for your advice - it's really helpful and reassuring!
    Good luck to you to misslindseylou!

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    My twins will be 2 next week. They were born naturally 20 minutes apart in a hospital. Baby A was head down, but baby B was breech. I had strong contractions pretty early (week 29) and ended up on modified bed rest for the last 2 months but ended up going to 37+1. Feel free to ask more questions or pm me. I am happy to share my experience. Good luck!!
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    I'm a twin. my name is Hannah and my twin is Grace. I recommend to not name your twins too similarly. We were born over an hour apart
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    I don't have experience with birthing twins, but I am a twin and was born vaginally. My mom carried us to about 38 weeks. My twin, Fiona, was born first, and around an hour and a half later, I was born. I was breech, but the doctor didn't have too much trouble getting me out. I was 6 lbs 6oz and she was 6lbs oz. No epidural because there wasn't really time.

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    Identical twin here.

    My mom had a natural birth with us, we were both head down, and thankfully there were no complications.

    Anyway, that aside, the one piece of advice I always have for twin parents in this...

    Don't try to force friendship between your twins.

    Some twins grow up close.

    Other twins don't.

    You can't force it.

    In fact from speaking to other twins, where the parents have tried to "force" friendship (or closeness) between their twins, it's had the opposite effect.

    My parents allowed Elizabeth and I to form our own relationship. We were treated as individuals from day one. We have very different interests, for example I'm fairly sporty, whereas Elizabeth is into ballet, theater and other performing arts. Mom would take Elizabeth to ballet, and dad took me and my brothers to play hockey!

    However, we're still incredibly close, and I love her more than life itself. She's one of my best friends. The one thing I'm dreading more than anything about heading off to college, isn't being away from home, it's being away from my sister (as she's off to college in the upper regions of New York State, I'm off to the Boston area).

    I'm glad we built our own relationship, and were allowed to become friends naturally, and not have it forced on us.
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